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News > Kermanshah Science & Technology Park

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Kermanshah Science & Technology Park

Kermanshah Science & Technology Park




KSTPKermanshah Science & Technology Park



1.   Kermanshah STP


Kermanshah Science and Technology Park as a member to IASP (International Association of Science Parks), was established in 2005. The main goal of KSTP is supporting and providing facilities for Startups, small firms, early stage companies, SMEs or new small enterprises to help them to overcome all the challenges they have to face at the beginning of the business. New Startups receiving various facilities from STP would be able to change their creative ideas into new knowledge based services and products. KSTP for supporting new innovative companies established different incubators. These incubators consider regional advantages as a strategic factor for admitting new companies.

2.    Incubators

After the establishment of KSTP in 2005, it developed the ICT incubator, a general technology incubator and a agriculture one. four other incubators have also been established in other parts of the province. ICT incubator is focusing on supporting and providing facilities for knowledge based jobs in IT section. The general technology incubator as the first incubator established in Kermanshah, supports various technological sections and Processing industries and agricultural incubator is managing to connect agricultural potentials and human resources to promote producing and transferring agricultural and processing technologies.


3.   Internationalizationand international expansion of high growth companies as a priority for KSTP


 Why do new companies take the risk of internationalization?Why is internationalization important forKSTP startups?


While many startup founders know that thinking global and expanding internationally is important, the underlying reasons might not be so clear-cut. What are the mechanisms through which internationalization helps a company improve its economic performance? What are the specific gains from expanding your company abroad? The way internationalization impacts economic performance is closely related to innovation. There are 2 groups of factors through which internationalization may improve economic performance: Factors that increase a firm’s capacity to innovate — or innovative capacity — and; Factors that allow a firm to better exploit its technological developments, being able to protect and appropriate the fruits of innovation. more internationalized firms may generally hire better and diverse technical talent, access a wider range of resources available globally, Borrow and exploit new ideas, imitate other firms’ developments, and integrate new research findings in products and processes.

Going global as a young company can be risky. Sometimes startups don’t know how to sell their service, efficiently communicate it or handle the laws and regulations in their home country so expanding to a foreign market may seem like an insurmountable challenge. So why even try? Because big rewards come with big risks.Global expansion represents a huge revenue growth opportunity for companies, and that’s the main reason why startups take the chance. It also allows them to diversify revenue sources, and therefore, the risks. Finally, companies that go global quickly can keep their strategic position as a technical leader and sustain their competitive advantage in an increasingly aggressive market.

4.   Requests of KSTP

So far, KSTP has supported 468 Startups. Many of these Startups have grown and are interested in internationalization, entering global market and international expansion. KSTP believes in internationalization as the process of increasing involvement of enterprises in international markets. Entrepreneurs of KSTP who are interested in the field of internationalization of business are interested to attract foreign venture capitals to improve their business. On the other hand another priority of KSTP is acquisition of international opportunities for training and holding workshops




5.   Resident Companies of KSTP ready to enter International Markets



Resident company





Tahlilgar Dadehaye Aftabe Day


Mazdak Fatahi


Design and production of GSM MODEM and Network management software




Dade Pardaze Pershia Soft


Mehdi Golboni


mobile applications-gps tracking system-game




Shetab Ara Tech


Farid Keyhani


Design and production of sensitive fence protection system




Mahar Mekatronik Hooshmand


Alireza Vadud


Production of electrical equipment and industrial automation




Fanavaran Kashte Zagros

Mazyar Namdari

Manufacturer of machinery and equipment for greenhouse


Refah Sanate Dalahu

Arash Moradi

manufacturer of pea planting and growing machinaries


Fanavari Hezar Dane Arman

Maasoumeh Sadat Jasemi

Biologic fertilizer production


Kimia Farayande Bisetoon

Eesa Mohammadi

Foam production based on natural protein substances for Drilling and fire department


Sayna Salamate Pars

Mahmoud Karimi

Glycerine soap and shampoo production based on new technical knowledge


Kimia Farayande tarexir

Diana Bakhtiari


Processing and enrichment of bitumen


Pezhuhan Sanate Kermanshah

Kamran Olfati

Production of Water and wastewater treatment equipment



Robin Khadamate Mehrsad

Masood Moaref

Thermo wood Production







For entrepreneurs to internationalize successfully, KSTP suggestion includes;

1.    Providing facilities to help resident companies of KSTP to enter global, international and regional markets.


2.    For KSTP resident companies it is tough to raise funding internationally. We expect Foreign Affairs Ministry to find a pattern helping KSTP entrepreneurs raise Foreign Venture Capitals. The above table introduces mature and high tech resident companies of KSTP need raising funds internationally.


3.    Cooperation with Iranian experts residing abroad as an opportunity to hold training courses and workshops including:

·         Mechanization of agriculture

·          Production of greenhouse products

·          Production and processing of medicinal plants

·         Internet of things

·         Future of Startup markets


Address: Jahad Daneshgahi/ 22 Bahman Junctions/ Kermanshah/Iran

Postal Code: 67145-1119

Tel: +98 83 38255694

Fax: +98 83 38250808

Website: www.kti.ir

E mail Address: info@kti.ir

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